Who We Are

Amāyu Yoga is...

  • re-imagining what it means to be a highly skilled, compassionate and practitioner-empowering Ashtanga yoga teacher. We want to develop teachers that have a global impact developing compassionate yoga communities around the world.
  • an organisation based on the values of transparency, cooperative working, equality and ethics of consent and practitioner empowerment that redefine the nature of the relationship between a yoga teacher and practitioner.
  • enabling members to move through a rigorous and world-class education programme that can lead to becoming a highly skilled, practitioner-centred yoga teacher and compassionate leader in their own community.
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    developing teachers and community leaders who are passionate about making the practice of Ashtanga yoga accessible to all and reaching out to excluded communities.

Why Amāyu?

  • In Sanskrit Amā means 'together' and Ayu means 'family/lineage'. 
  • Our sentiment is that: Together we are a global family/lineage. 
  • Amāyu is also an Indian name meaning 'limitless, without boundary'.

Our founding members

Emma Rowse

Emma began practicing yoga in 2003.  She is the co-founder of Limehouse Yoga in Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

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Scott Johnson

Scott began practicing yoga in 1999.  He is the co-founder and main teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London.  

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Greg Nardi

Greg began practicing yoga in 1996. He is founder of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Jacinta Mcburney

Jacinta has completed over 12 years of training with Nicky Knoff. She is a Master Level Knoff Teacher. 

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Jock Orton

Jock began practicing yoga in 2000. He is co-founder of Limehouse Yoga in Cornwall, UK 

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Helen McCabe

Helen began practicing yoga in 1991. She is founder of Yoga At The Space in Studland, Dorset, Uk

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Veena Ugargol

Veena is a cognitive behavourial psychotherapist and a yoga therapist for mental health

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