The Amayu Learning Pathway

We are excited to share our ​learning pathway and curriculum which ​is designed to support ​the deepening of your personal practice, your knowledge of Ashtanga yoga and your teaching career. It is a pathway open to all practitioners as well as prospective and existing teachers of Ashtanga yoga. 

Our ​aim is to provide an inclusive learning environment that helps you understand how the Ashtanga yoga practice can support your own health and wellbeing and empower you as a practitioner. It is also a pathway that ​can lead towards teaching the practice to others, ​as well as providing you with high quality continuing professional development, mentoring and supervision, teaching aids and a cooperative community of practice.

Education Programme


Amayu Practitioner

​Want to ​develop your Ashtanga practice?

In our Essentials courses you will develop a solid primary series practice and basic understanding of asana technique, count, anatomic principles, philosophy and history.

Experience required: proficiency in practising half-primary and count in Sanskrit 1 – 28

Our Experienced Practitioner Course gives you an in-depth understanding of the primary series practice, biomechanics, movement, posture, alignment, contraindications, philosophy, chanting, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness. 

Experience required:2yrs Ashtanga primary series practice and Essentials 2 or equivalent competency


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Amayu Foundation Teacher

Want to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher?

Our Foundation Teaching Certificate is aimed at those who want a recognised qualification to teach others. You will gain an in-depth ​understanding of how to teach the primary series using Amayu values and ​methodology, ansana, anatomy, philosophy, history, meditation, mindfulness and chanting along with a year of observed teaching and mentorship with an experienced or senior Amayu teacher. The course is 500hrs of study over 2 years.

Experience required: ​2yrs Ashtanga primary series practice and Essentials 2 or equivalent competency

​Our Mentorship Programme offers an observed and supervised teaching practice with an experienced or senior Amayu teacher. Includes regular tutorials, 1-2-1 feedback, teaching observation and further ​study in philosophy, anatomy, consent-based assistance (adjustments), contraindications, pranayama, mental health first aid and Amayu teaching methodology. The course is 300hrs of study over 1 year.

​Experience required: Experienced Practitioner ​course or equivalent competency


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Amayu Experienced Teacher

Want to develop your teaching skills and grow your community?

Our Amayu Teacher CPD programme is for those who have graduated as teachers both through the Amāyu learning pathway ​and other yoga schools.

We offer a range of compulsory and optional modules which support your ​ongoing development and career path.

Becoming an Experienced Teacher enables you to deliver the Amayu Essentials course and become a mentor to Foundation Teachers

Experience required: ​5yrs and 2500hrs teaching and further training.


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Amayu Senior Teacher

​Want to ​train others to teach?

Our Amayu ​Senior Teacher CPD programme is for those who ​are experienced teachers both through the Amāyu learning pathway as well as other yoga schools.  ​To ​develop your ability to train others to teach, we offer modules in coaching and mentoring, teaching and learning methodology and advanced philosophy, pranayama, Ashtanga yoga therapy and more.

Becoming a Senior Teacher enables you to deliver the Amayu ​Foundation Teaching Certificate​, CPD modules and become a mentor to Experienced Teachers

Experience required: ​10yrs and 5000hrs teaching and further training.


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Already a yoga teacher? Own a yoga studio?

Join Amayu!

Our Amayu Teaching Methodology and Ethical Practice course gives an existing qualified yoga teacher the skills and tools to become part of the Amāyu Yoga

community. You will also ​be able to assess course material to deliver ​Essentials ​and Experienced Practitioner courses to your students.​​​

You will learn how to teach in a way that empowers your practitioners and understand how to implement consent-driven practices and policies.

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Want to ​be part of the future?

Join the Amayu Cooperative

​Joining our cooperative means having a stake in and say over the future direction of Amāyu.  Members own and run our cooperative with an equal say in how decisions are made. 

​We believe in equality in business as well as in life and a cooperative structure is part of our commitment to this principle.  We believe we are better together.