The Amayu Learning Pathway

The ideological foundation of Amayu Yoga is actualised in it's learning pathway and educational programme. 

We are excited to share our intelligently developed pathway and curriculum model which will expand and progress both your practice and your knowledge of Ashtanga yoga. It a pathway that is open to all practitioners irrespective of your wish to teach yoga. 

Our intention is to provide an inclusive learning environment that will help you understand how Ashtanga yoga develops through your life. It is also a pathway that does lead towards teaching the practice to others and the curriculum trains all who want to become qualified and highly skilled yoga teachers, as well as those who juts want to learn more about yoga.

See the information below on each of the courses and how you could fit into them.

Education Programme


Just want to learn more?

Deepen your practice with Amāyu!

Our Amāyu Practitioner courses delve deep into the Ashtanga yoga sanskrit counted full primary series practice, chanting, functional movement and the 8 limbs of yoga.  In our Essentials courses you will explore definitions of Ashtanga and discover meaning in your own practice and how it relates to your life.

If you want to delve deeper you can spend a year on our 24 day Experienced Practitioner Course learning about biomechanics, movement, posture, alignment, contraindications, philosophy, chanting, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness.

This can intensive can also qualify as the first part of our Teaching Certificate.


Want to teach?

Become an Amayu teacher!

Our Foundation Teacher Programme offers an opportunity for those who want to share the Ashtanga method with others and have a recognised qualification. It bulids on the Experienced Practitioner Course expanding and deepen your own practice whilst learning how to teach others. The options lead to 500hours of study over 2 years, including mentorship and real-world teaching experience with Amāyu Experienced and Senior teachers.

You may be able to join the mentorship programme with prior qualifications.

This course will lead you to a recognised qualification as a highly skilled Ashtanga yoga teacher. 


Already a yoga teacher? Own a yoga studio?

Join Amayu!

Our Amayu Teacher Methodology course gives an existing qualified yoga teacher the skills and tools to become part of the Amāyu Yoga co-opereative. 


Want to develop your teaching skills and grow your community?

Become an Amayu Senior Teacher!

Our Amayu Experienced Teacher CPD programme is for those who have graduated as teachers both through the Amāyu learning pathway as well as those through other yoga schools.  There are many options to support your continued development as an Amāyu Ashtanga yoga teacher as well as general Continued Professional Development (CPD) modules open to all qualified teachers.  

The benefit of the pathway is the ability over time to become a mentor for others, deliver the Amāyu courses yourself and then to be recognised as an Amāyu Senior Teacher, benefitting through the Co-operative model, both in decision making and profit. 

Want to become part of the future?

Join the Amayu Co-operative

Becoming part of Amāyu is to become part of a horizontal organisation, one where decisions and direction are moved from the whole rather than a few. 

Our aim is to embolden a community working together and that means everyone having a voice and becoming a part of the movement and future of Amāyu.

See how you can become a voice for Amāyu here.