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Full Price: £350

(The course price is £695 when booked with Essential Part 2.)

Course date and place

The London course will run between 6th – 9th February at Stillpoint Yoga Brixton, 41-43 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2 5TN

Course intention

This is the first part of the Amāyu Learning Pathway aimed at those who wish to deepen their Ashtanga Primary Series practice in a holistic way.

In this course you will develop a deeper relationship with the half primary series practice from the sun salutations through to Navasana. We will work on how it relates to your own body and include chanting, mindfulness meditation, pranayama and sanskrit counting. This is a stand alone course that is for you to develop your own knowledge of the Ashtanga yoga practice, it doesn’t include assisting others.

Course content

We will explore the main principles of Ashtanga yoga, these being breath, bandha and drishti (the tristana method) observing how these subtle but powerful tools bring about balance and focus.

We will explore the half primary Ashtanga yoga practice, from the sun salutations through to navasana and learn the sanskrit vinyasa count for each posture, it’s sanskrit name and subsequent drishti (looking place).

We will begin to look at the philosophy of the eight limbs of yoga and see how they link to asana practice.

We will look at basic pranayama and mindfulness practices.

We will discover functional movement patterns in relationship to the sun salutations.

Pre-course requirements

You must be proficient in practising the Ashtanga half-primary series and have experience of both self-practice (Mysore style) and guided/led Ashtanga yoga methods. You must know how to count in Sanskrit 1 – 28 and will be given an instructional video to support this.

Course teacher

The course will be led by Scott Johnson. Visit the About page for more information about our teachers.

Course timeline

The course duration is 4 days with 24 contact hours of study. The course includes:

  • 6 hours of content per day.
  • A 3hr morning teacher/student Ashtanga yoga led half primary series. This creates a learning environment where together we unpack the many elements of the practice.
  • A 3hr afternoon technique/philosophy/movement session unpacking the deeper elements of yoga practice.

It is a requirement to attend 80% of the whole course.

Ongoing study

Completion of this course qualifies you for the Amayu Essential Part 2, which can lead on to the Amayu 150hr Practitioner Training.

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